WHOLESALE Bottleguard


Bottleguard breathable bottlecap is a great add-on sale in the aisle, at the till or with a gift bottle of wine or for those customers who simply love to save money. Bottleguard breathable bottlecaps make an excellent gift for any occasion and an everyday practical kitchen accessory that is also super smart to take along camping, hiking or for any outdoor activity for the millions of wine, beer and cider lovers out there.

Savvy shoppers love smart gadgets that solve an issue, add value and look great. Bottleguard is all of these things, and the best solution/wine/beverage accessory in the global wine world for keeping fruit flies out of an open beverage bottle. Think of it as wine insurance!

Value wine buyers and connoisseurs alike will appreciate that their bottles can breathe bug free, so they can get the most out of wines that need a little time to oxygenate to reach full potential. Wine makers all over the world agree that all wine needs 15-20 minutes to breathe right after opening, and full bodied reds are often best with a whole day of breathing!

Our breathable bottlecap also works for open beer and cider bottles and is great outside the house too; for those who like to sit outside, camp, hike, fish, hunt and picnic. 

Please contact danielle@bottleguard.biz  or  sales@bottleguard.biz for wholesale pricing.