About Bottleguard

  • Bottleguard Breathable Bottlecap is a universal fit, food grade silicone bottle cap with a stainless steel screen that is made to allow air into the bottle and keep bugs out at the same time. The bottle cap should be removed before pouring. It is designed and owned by Bottleguard Canada  in the beautiful coastal city of Victoria, British Columbia Canada on Vancouver Island. We invented, designed and produced the Bottleguard breathable bottlecap in Victoria after a season of fruit flies ruined more than a few bottles of wine while it was left uncorked to breathe. At that point we said "no more backstroking bugs in our bottles!". 
  • We sell the Bottleguard to solve the common problem of fruit flies ruining the smell and taste of wine everywhere and of finding unwanted guests in open beverage bottles in general.
  •  You can see how the Bottleguard breathable bottlecap will come in handy for wine lovers the world over, not to mention outdoor enthusiasts. If you like to picnic, sit on the patio, deck, or in the back yard, or if you compost all of your organics and you have become unwitting hosts to fruit flies in the house then the Bottleguard is made for you!
  • We are located in Victoria BC and we assemble and package our product here too.
  • We hope you get great use from your breathable bottlecap. It's priced so that everyone can afford it and it practically pays for itself the very first time it's used and it's dishwasher safe and has a universal fit for all bottles 750ml to 1.5L. (it also fits most beer and cider bottles)
  • Our team of 3 wine loving partners thanks you from the bottom of our glass for your interest and support of Bottleguard. Let your bottle breathe, bug free! 
  • Oh! and please remove Bottleguard to pour.
  • CONTACT US ANYTIME!           danielle@bottleguard.biz
  • 250-589-3885



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